Smart Homes is a specialty residential and commercial contractor based in Baltimore, Maryland. Smart Homes is committed to making homes and office buildings throughout Maryland more comfortable, healthy and energy efficient. Our expertise lies in helping businesses and homeowners reduce their energy costs through innovative energy saving products and services. We provide personalized energy assessments to identify problems and then offer solutions with our custom building, remodeling and restoration services.

Smart Homes is a leader in green energy construction services. With special rebates, incentives and financing options, now is the time to get started! learn more >>

The kitchen, infused with style

  Smart Homes started from scratch when it modernized and brightened the Loewenberg family kitchen. Over four months, Smart Homes and interior designer Elizabeth Reich at Jenkins Baer transformed rooms in the 1996  home into updated and elegant living spaces.  When Smart Homes began rebuilding the kitchen, all that remained were the wood floors and...<a href="">Read More >></a>

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A FULL SERVICE contractor
Known to be one of the most innovative contractors in Baltimore; Smart Home Service provides professional roofing services, windows, doors, and a host of other contracting services.


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- Roofing
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Comprehensive Energy Audits

Smart Homes offers comprehensive energy audits for homes and businesses. Using the latest technologies, our team of experts will identify your energy issues, formulate a solution and fix the problems. Seasonal consumption typically accounts for 40 - 50% of your total energy bill. That's how much you're spending just to heat or cool your home during seasonal months. Stop wasting money and start saving with Smart Homes. Your savings begins with a phone call. learn more »